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mb image3G. S. MacLeod’s family came from Cape Breton and Alberta yet he grew up in Montreal's bilingual multi cultural community. Since 1988 MacLeod has worked as a professional artist, musician and filmmaker. He has won awards to attended The Banff Centre for The Arts, Leighton Artist Colony, The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico and The Pouch Cove Foundation in Newfoundland, where he has written music for the stage and screen. Using his knowledge of history and images from his travel experiences, MacLeod has written songs and multimedia performances, that illuminate his rich narratives, which are skillfully woven into a lyrical tapestry, using both French and English to create an original Canadian storytelling voice. MacLeod is a torch barer of this great Canadian storyteller tradition from the pedigrees of ‘Rambling’ Jack Elliot, Gordon Lightfoot, Stan Rogers, ‘Stomping’ Tom Connors and Daniel Lanois. Through his music he has promoted culture, education and activism, and has been involved in outreach and fund-raising projects for the homeless, food banks, AIDS hospices, hospitals and Amnesty International.

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“After traveling and exhibiting in Europe, North America, Scandinavia and Latin America, I sensed feelings, sounds and images I wanted to portray both on the canvas, screen and in song... I feel that travel has instigated meaningful experiences and therefore became an invitation to art, film and music. I believe it is my responsibility as an artist and human being to study the world through these mediums and use them as a vehicle for positive change and education.


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“Sailing 1847”, a song about Ireland’s “Coffin Ships”, finished off the set, combining a somber theme with upbeat music.”

– T’cha Dunlevy, The Link, Montreal, Quebec
The aim of the performance (A Brief Canadian History) is to increase awareness of the cultural mosaic that exists in Canada and provoke thought and dialogue about our history and future. Although Scott MacLeod is not yet a household name in Canadian music, he is definitely not a stranger to the music business. He has been writing and recording music since his childhood and has performed on stages throughout Canada, America, and Europe.”
– Cameron Noyse, Music Promoter, Vancouver, B.C.

His music is influenced by, North American blues, folk and the indigenous rhythms of his homeland, and his rich Celtic ancestry. The varying traditional components, and the contemporary approach, allows the past to be linked with the present and point a way to the future.”

– Arnold McBay, Artist Musicain St-Catherines, Ontario
À travers quinze compositions issues de sa plume et formant le fondement d’un project multimédia, le chansonier Scott MacLeod jette un regard lucide, exhaustif et objectif (et aussi très instructif) sur les principaux événements ayant marqué l’évolution de notre beau pays depuis le siècle de sa venue au monde. Cette formule innovatrice ne devrait cepedant pas nous faire perdre de vue le fait que Scott MacLeod s’affirme sur ce disque comme un auteur-compositeur-interprète très talentueux!”

– Jacques Garcia, Paroles & Music, SOCAN Magazine

2319 Hampton Ave. #1,
Montreal, Quebec H4A 2k5 Canada
514. 487. 8766
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